Client Spotlight: Roxanne Camden

We really have some amazing clients and I'd like to introduce you to them.  Let's start with one of my faves, Roxanne Camden.  When I first met Roxanne, I liked her immediately.  She's genuine, down to earth, has a heart of gold and is always so much fun.  It was my pleasure to work with her and her precious family on their home and make a good friend in the process!

2015-08-25 15.28.32.jpg

Roxanne and her husband Chris owned an older home in the Memorial area and after much consideration they decided it made more sense to tear it down and start all over rather than tackling the huge renovation.  This, of course, is where our beautiful collaboration began.  We asked Roxanne a few questions about her experience with building her dream home and specifically about our favorite room in the house: The Kitchen.  Here's what she had to say...

DI: What was the most challenging aspect of building a custom home?

Rox: The selections process... I truly had no idea of the daunting task ahead when we chose to build. Even though I know what I like and had solid ideas on style and materials, I was overwhelmed by all the minute details that go into choosing selections, which is exactly why I hired Kate!

2015-08-25 15.36.38.jpg

DI: What was the most helpful aspect of working with Duckworth Interiors?

Rox: Kate made every step of building, from material selection to designing built-ins smooth and easy. Kate listens to her clients wants and needs and then provides honest feedback which helps make smart decisions.

DI: Why is your kitchen the most important room in your home?

Rox: My kitchen is truly the most important room in my home because its where we come together. As a family, we cook together, dine together and laugh together all in the kitchen. When entertaining, my kitchen is always jam packed with friends and is the heart of my home.

DI: What aspects of your kitchen do you enjoy the most?

Rox: My kitchen is both beautiful and functional. A concept I told Kate was extremely important to me since I love to cook and bake for the people I love. While I adore a pretty space, I also need a space that can stand up to the abuse of daily cooking and baking. I love my commercial appliances, ample storage and tons of natural light, but I think my island is my favorite. It is oversized and able to handle kids doing homework, friends enjoying cocktails, Thanksgiving dinner buffets and so much more. 

DI: What is your favorite thing to cook?

Rox: My favorite thing to cook right now is balsamic braised short ribs with roasted sweet potatoes, mixed field greens with sweet & spicy pecans and onion vinaigrette and my kiddos favorite brownies.

What's YOUR favorite part of Roxanne's kitchen?

Designing Spaces for Conversations: Featured on Houzz!

Designing interiors is about more than aesthetic charm.  A well designed space can create an atmosphere for meaningful conversations, serious work or lighthearted play.  We were recently honored to be featured in this Houzz Article about spaces for conversations.  Follow the link below to see the full article and get some great inspiration!

Travel: Tips to Make Your Travel Memories Last

The Louvre, Paris, France

The Louvre, Paris, France

Travel. It’s one of my great loves and passions.  It’s something that my husband and I have made a priority in our lives.  How can you truly understand another culture until you’ve experienced it?  There are a few things that I love to do when traveling abroad, that I’ve found really help keep the memories alive.  Are you ready???

1. Keep a travel journal

My travel journal. Purchased at Anthropologie.

My travel journal. Purchased at Anthropologie.

Sometimes a vacation can feel like a whirlwind, especially when trying to fit in lots of sites and activities.  Taking a few minutes in the morning at breakfast or in the evening before bed to jot down the events of the day can be really helpful.  Your memory of the trip will fade but a journal will last forever.  Whenever you read it you’ll be reminded of the sequence of events, exactly how you were feeling at the time, and all the museums, cafe names and statues you may otherwise loose forever.  Plus, a bonus is that your children will hopefully read about your travel experiences one day.  Maybe they’ll go to those places, after your gone, and they’ll feel like you’re there with them.  Ok, I know that was extremely sappy.  I’ll try to tone it down!! 

2. Start a collection

Adding to our art collection. Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Paris, France

Adding to our art collection. Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Paris, France

I think it’s a great idea to pick an item you can find just about anywhere and always make a point to buy one.  My personal fave is a coffee mug.  This is an item I use everyday and most mornings I think about the place where I bought the mug.  Sometimes I choose my coffee mug based off of my mood, i.e. “It’s a NYC kind of day!”  But maybe you’re not into coffee mugs so instead you collect rocks or shells or maybe jewelry or art or small plates.

 3. Go to a concert

It’s always a good idea to check before you leave for a trip to see if any good concerts or shows will be happening while you’re there.  Once I saw The Cure in Rome, not because I’m particularly fond of The Cure but it was a free concert open to the public so it was something to do.  Now, anytime The Cure comes on the radio I’m suddenly transported back to Rome.  Music can conjure feelings and emotions within us in a way that’s so special.  I remember exactly where I was standing, who was around me, and I can almost taste the wine we were all passing around and drinking out of the bottle.

4. Take GOOD photos

This one sounds pretty obvious but I just have to say that in this day of smartphones many of us travel abroad and don’t even bring a camera.  We purely snap photos from our phones.  Please take a good camera with you and please use it.  Find a good bag to carry it in so that you won’t have an excuse to leave it in your room. When you get back home actually do something with the photos.  Order prints and start a travel wall that you can continually add to.  I always love the look of gallery walls.  Or order a simple photo book to leave out on your coffee table.  I love this one that I put together at Artifact Uprising.

5. Everyday items

Cute napkins purchased at Monoprix

Cute napkins purchased at Monoprix

I love to purchase ordinary, “non-special” items abroad and then they are suddenly special back at home.  On a recent trip to Paris I made several trips to Monoprix,  France’s equivalent to Target.  I bought lots of things, clothes for myself, clothes for my kids, napkins, bath soap, purse tissues, a baby gift, you name it.  I didn’t spend a lot of money but I LOVE having those things.  When I grab a tissue out of my purse and the packaging is in French, it makes me smile.  Every day clothes are so fun to buy especially because you wear them weekly.  And it’s a lot of fun when someone compliments you on an item and asks you where you bought it?  Oh, in Paris on the Champs-Elysees.  No big deal…

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope you use them on your next vacation!